Sub Committees and Volunteers

Keeping the Sydney Male Choir running will always require considerable voluntary assistance from our members. We always need help from members who have marketing,  administrative or organisational skills. Ask if you would like to help.


Marketing Committee

Chaired by Tony Phillips

Members: John Webb; John Ward; Col Smith; Alan Linklater; Ralph Watson


Music Committee

Chaired by Harry Halliday

Members: Wolf von Kehler; Peter Gair; Kevin Burg; Jim Layton; Houston Dunleavy.


Membership Committee

Members: Don Rose; Brian Lawler; Lee Owens; David Heggie;


Library Committee

Chaired by Kevin Burg


Website Committee

Chaired by Terry Barnes

Members: Col Smith (Webmaster), Nico Jusuf (Facebook & design), Gerry Moulinie (Calendars).


Our choir President (Gary Withyman) is an ex-officio member of all committees.



Sound Team

Brian Lawler, Tom Coghlan, Adrian West, Gary Withyman, Lee Owens, Graham Hill.


Production Team

Col Smith, Tom Coghlan, Bruce Grime.



Whoever has a vehicle with a tow bar


Choreography and Concert Manager

Bruce Grime.


Welfare Officer

Damien Blackburn.


 Musical Team


Musical Director: Houston Dunleavy

Click on Houston's picture to see more details


Accompanist: Dewi Liu

Click on Dewi's picture to see more details.


Emeritus Musical Director: Alan Thrift, M.Mus




Click here for photos of choir members and a description of what our members do to help run our choir.

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