Frequently Asked Questions about concerts

What should I expect? Expect to be entertained. We think of ourselves as entertainers. We think you will agree.


How long does a concert last? Usually 2 hours with a 20 minute interval at half time. The format is usually that we perform a bracket of 4-5 songs, then one of our soloists, then another bracket of 4-5 songs, intermission (time for a chat), another bracket of 4-5 songs, soloist, another bracket 4-5 songs, applause, encore, wild applause, maybe another encore, standing ovation with wilder applause, the end.


How do I buy a ticket? For most of our concerts, you can buy a ticket at the door. For the bigger concerts (eg Town Hall), you buy a ticket on-line. For details see our Concert page or Buy Tickets page.


What music do you perform? There are songs from the West End and Broadway musicals, opera, the Great American Songbook, sacred songs, the great Welsh hymns, folk songs, pop songs, classical songs and more. We like to think we can and do sing anything. Welsh hymns to Queen and Pink Floyd; 'The Lord's Prayer' to 'What shall we do with the drunken sailor'; Camelot to Fiddler on the Roof.


What should I wear to a concert? Smart casual.


Where can I buy your CDs and DVDs? Usually we have our CDs and DVDs on sale at the door for our concerts. You can also buy them on-line here.


Can I hire the choir to do a performance for me/my organisation? Certainly. We would certainly like to talk about it. See our 'Contact' page and 'Hire Us' page.


How often does the choir rehearse to give such a great performance? Every Tuesday. See of FAQ for choristers.

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